Design - Build - Remodel

Our Process:


1. We will do our initial inspection of your home (inside and out) and take pictures.

2. We show you what we found and make sure your home is safe.

3. If there is enough damage to report a claim , we will walk you through that process.

4. We will meet the adjuster from your insurance company on site to be clear of the scope of work.

5. Once the paper work comes, we will go through it and explain to you what is getting

allowed for replacement or repair.

6. We will then talk about the next steps that will need to be taken before the work can start.

7. Our typical time for completion after our initial meeting depends greatly on the scope of work.

8. If there is a need for emergency repairs to prevent further damage,

we will ask for permission from your insurance company.

9. Typically we can get emergency repairs done same day.